Trip to the USA

Simon has recently had a couple of opportunities to report on their work in PNG at other churches.
They have a lot to do in the coming week; they need to tie up some work in their local church and prepare to take off to the USA on Wednesday of next week. Pray for final plans, insurance, travel etc. that it would all pan out and run smoothly. They are going to the USA for two months to spend time with family, visit six different churches and attend Annika’s youngest brother’s wedding. Pray for travel and meetings in the USA. Simon will be away lots driving many miles (1 trip is 15hrs one way) to speak and share about the work God is doing amongst the Mengen people. Pray that Karis will not need to go into hospital in the USA and that she will stay infection free!!!
Simon and Annika have been told to expect a surgery date for Karis around Aug/Sept time, of this year! Recently they visited dentists, dieticians and cardiac nurses at the hospital, all to prepare them for the road ahead. They are very happy with the decision, if ever so slightly scared again to think of Karis going through open heart surgery once more. It will be much the same as before, she will go on a heart bypass machine, have her heart stopped as they put in a baffle (wall) to redirect blood to the proper atrium of the heart so it can be oxygenised. They are to expect two-five weeks recovery in hospital and three months of outpatient monitoring. The good news is that this should be Karis’s last surgery, if all goes well, after which she should function with a normal o2 saturation and be fit and healthy. There are a lot of steps however from here to there, so please pray with them! Pray that Karis can put on some weight. The surgeon would like her to be between 8-9kg’s for the op. She is now 7.2kgs.
Please pray that Noah can get into the same school as Nya; right now he is on a waiting list and they are appealing the decision. It would be very difficult to have Noah at another school whilst they deal with Karis and all of her upcoming needs.

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