Trip to Maleu

Quite a few teachers from four villages will attend the training to learn how to use the literacy programme. Jan and Annette will also take two experienced Lamogai teachers along, for training purposes, as the churches will need to be able to continue to give training for the literacy programme, far beyond the time that Jan and Annette will be able to help them. The training and the interaction they are now forming between the churches from the different language groups is the basis of them continuing the work independently in the future.
Jan and Annette ask for prayer for the drought situation. They have only had 10mm of rain in the last three months, and the devastation in the plantations, gardens and dry river beds is clear to see. Fires are getting out of hand and food in the gardens and on the hillsides is shrivelling away to nothing.
Pray for wisdom in this situation; some people are just waiting for rain before planting new gardens, others are just hoping that the government will come and help them with food. Jan and Annette are advising the people to find low moist areas at the foot of the mountains and continue to plant gardens, as the drought is expected to last for at least another three months.

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