Tremendous help

Life has calmed down a bit over the past three weeks for Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach who serve God in Liberia, West Africa, among the Glarro people.

Although within this past week, Aaron has taken two trips to the hospital because of villager’s medical emergencies. One had an unstoppable nosebleed becoming lethargic because of it. The other slipped off a makeshift bridge and was impaled by a stick that ended up piercing some of his bowels. (Both of whom survived.)

They were able to make some headway with Bible lessons. They are now drafting the last few lessons that they will need for their first teaching phase which they would like to start in January. However, these drafts are rough, and along with quite a few others, still need to be worked on before they are ready for teaching.

– Patrick, a Glarro man,  put in his resignation at the local clinic where he had been working and will be working 30 hours a week with them now, starting on Monday. They are excited to have more time with him, which will be a tremendous help in editing their Bible lesson drafts.

– The school took an Easter break and Amy also paused her afternoon classes for that time. In general, there are less kids coming to her afternoon classes these days, but overall, they are very happy with the number still coming and the progress that they are making in their reading and writing abilities.

– Overall, there is an increased interest in the village regarding knowing how to read and write. Because of the long Liberian civil war, a whole generation does not know how to read and write, and until now, very few cared.

– Their co-worker Lesley, who translates the Bible into Glarro, lives in a Glarro village in Ivory Coast. It is still a hard place to live and to find willing helpers, and she has experienced some discouragement recently. She has completed several New Testament books and has been working on Hebrews these days. She was hoping to visit them during April, but many things would have to fall in place for that.

Thank the Lord:

– That their Glarro translation helper, Patrick, has decided to work with them on a somewhat fulltime basis.

– For the progress made on all fronts, despite all the challenges.

Please pray:

– For their Glarro translation helper as he is now starting to work with them intensely, that he will understand God’s Word more and more, and become a grounded believer.

– That they can continue to make Bible lessons that make sense and are easy to understand.

– For encouragement for their co-worker Lesley, and that it will become possible for her to visit the village in Liberia.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron, Amy and the Glarro people.