It has been over a month since Stephen and Carolyn started their travels to not only different language groups in other parts of Asia-Pacific but also to some places they never imagined possible.  They are still catching their breath after all the Lord has brought them to and through this past month.

Stephen recently started checking a Bible translation in the Punan language. Many verses need to be checked before the Scripture can be printed, so they are thankful it worked out that they could assist. He also really enjoyed working on the Bible translation in the Turu and Daqan languages.  What a thrill to be a part of more and more Scripture getting into the hands of more and more language groups.

A fun part of their travels was to attend meetings in Southeast Asia mainland. They loved catching up with friends in similar ministries who they had not seen in years. A highlight for Carolyn was getting lots of walks and talks in with her brother Tim. All their teammates from over the years that have served in Moi over the years were there, including their national co-worker.

They were also invited to join a group of dear friends on a tour of the Apostle Paul’s trips around Greece. They were spoiled rotten by them. It felt like a dream walking in the places that Paul walked and boldly proclaimed the Good News. Carolyn also was able to take a trip to North Africa too.

Praise the Lord, the results of a recent biopsy for Carolyn showed that there was no malignancy. She is in touch with her doctor in the USA for the next steps.

Please pray for their upcoming plans:

After Stephen finishes checking the Punan Bible translation, they will travel to Taliabo to help the two families serving there get started on Bible translation. (Bible translation workshop)

Pray that:

Carolyn would be a help with the different teams in literacy.

Stephen’s check of the Morop language.