Elsewhere on the island Barrie and his team met with some Filipino church leaders to promote the need for church planters to receive consultant help through evaluation. The goal is to see the church reach her maximum potential in the world.
From there they flew to the island of Luzon to take part in a Bible lesson development workshop for both Ibaloi and Kangkanaey believers. This, they believe, was a great success and Barrie looks forward to hearing more in the future about how these projects impact the large number of believers in that area.
Following his time in the Philippines, Barrie flew on to Bangkok for the Southeast Asia Mainland leadership meetings.
At the beginning of November Barrie will head to Singapore to connect with the NTM team there, visit friends and teach the penultimate class of the Perspectives on World Missions. Pray that his time there will be a blessing and help to those he interacts with. Pray, too, that God will use the Perspectives class to challenge and burden the students to be actively involved in getting the Good News to the least-reached areas of the world.
Pray for Cherri that she will know a peace and help from the Lord whilst Barrie is away.
Barrie and Cherrie also ask you to pray for their “kids”: David and Melissa, and their three boys, serving at NTM headquarters in Florida, and Jodi and Jason, and their four children, serving in “Asia Pacific”. For each one of us, life on this earth includes stress, frustration, and sometimes discouragement. Pray that they will find encouragement and strength in the Lord on those really hard days.
Prayers, financial help, emails and Facebook notes of encouragement continue to be a blessing in Barrie and Cherrie’s lives and they cannot thank God enough for all that He does through the lives of others.

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