Travel plans

Barrie will travel to three different locations in the Philippines (two by helicopter) as part of a team of church-planting consultants. This team assists with the on-field consultants’ development by being alongside during onsite real life consultations. Barrie has been involved with this for over a year now and is encouraged with the progress and growing confidence of those involved. Barrie’s own learning is also being enhanced at the same time, so it is always mutually enriching. Please pray for safety in all the travel, for good health, and that Barrie will be a help and encouragement to the missionaries.
Cherri’s parents are trying to adjust to their new way of life with Mum at the nursing facility. Barrie and Cherri try to help and encourage in any way they can, dealing with financial questions, talking with doctors, and helping to think through the various issues they face. At this moment, she is quite sick with a bad cough, which has weakened her and is now causing her painful neck spasms. Pray she will recover soon and gain strength. Pray for Cherri, too, as she stays in the USA so that she can help and encourage her parents. Pray that there will be no emergencies during the time Barrie is gone.
Although Barrie and Cherri are so far away from the Lauje people, they are always in their hearts and prayers. There continues to be a huge need for a literacy campaign since the majority of the Lauje are still illiterate. One of the national missionary families is housing some Lauje teens in a coastal town so that they can go to school. It’s wonderful that these teens are learning to speak the national language. But, of course, the heart language of the Lauje people (and the ONLY language for most of them) is Lauje. Barrie and Cherri can’t thank God enough for enabling them to complete the Lauje New Testament translation (and portions of the Old Testament.) It is a huge blessing to the literate believers, but since many still can’t read, they are missing out on this blessing and opportunity for further growth in their lives. Pray that God will burden some of the literate adults to take on this needed ministry.

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