Travel plans

As Phil and Elin Henderson’s time in the USA comes to a close, and they start to plan for their return to Mozambique, they are reminded of the great task that they are privileged to partner in. Phil and Elin have a front row seat to watch God loose the bonds that are holding the people He loves, to lift their burdens, to proclaim freedom to them and to break the yoke of sin and death. The task that lies before them is overwhelmingly large, but the God who goes with them is overwhelmingly powerful.

January was a busy month of travel visiting Brazil where Elin had lived as a teenager; her parents had worked at the mission school for missionary children. They spent nearly a week fellowshipping with a group of missionaries who had come together for a field-wide conference. Phil and Elin were both able to speak as well as spend time meeting one-on-one with many of the missionaries. Elin returned to the USA but Phil stayed on to lead a church-planting workshop, to travel on to join a consultant visit with a tribal team and make a short trip to another Latin American country before returning to the USA.

They have one more trip before they head back to Mozambique in mid-March. Phil will be teaching at a training centre in Mexico and visit a church in California.

Praise the Lord for safety in all of their recent travels.

Pray for Elin’s visa for Mozambique to be approved soon.

Pray for their travels to Mexico, that they will be a blessing to the students there.

They have enjoyed spending time with their kids. Elias is doing well at College of the Ozarks. Pray for their daughter Callie and fiancé Eli as they make future plans specifically for work and housing.

Pray for the Mwinika church body to remain strong for the Lord and growing in their faith.