Travel, friends, and family…

After a very busy, travel-filled month, Phil and Elin Henderson are settling down in one place for the next few weeks. They enjoyed time at Christmas and New Year with both sides of their family. It was great for their kids to be with their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins.

After setting out from Wisconsin in November, they have been on the move, travelling from church to church in the Florida area and connecting with many dear friends. They are so thankful for the safety God has given them along the way and for an opportunity to reconnect with so many.

Their daughter Callie joined them for the month of December and they enjoyed sharing about their ministry together as a family. Pray for her as she continues with her studies at Bible school – she loves it! Their son Elias had some unexpected opportunities to learn more about the two areas that he is interested in studying, police and fire. Pray for him as he decides which career track to follow. He is very excited to return to school in Kenya for the remainder of his senior year. There are many logistics for this to happen. Pray that he can get his COVID-19 test results back before his flight.

Phil and Elin are now in California and are thankful for the opportunity to connect with the church over the next several months before they return to Africa, hopefully in late March. Pray for a good (and safe) time.

Pray for protection for the Mwinika people, who they serve in Mozambique, from Covid infections and for the believers to continue to use this opportunity to share God’s love with those around them.

Thank you once again for your prayers.