Robert and Nicole Westerveld recently heard from Yagwoia believers in various locations and were pleased to find that they were doing well. In other locations in Papua New Guinea people did die as a result of the earthquake.

They are grateful to the Lord that they have had good contact with the believers in the tribe. One of the mobile phone towers in the area has been upgraded and has improved the quality of signal. This is a big help to Robert if he needs to check something he has been working on. For example, when reviewing the entire translation of Exodus one more time, the verses in which Robert had to change a few things he was able to check with two of the believers. The book of Exodus is now ready to be printed. In the near future Robert will also record Exodus so that it can be added to all the Bible books that are already on the audio Bibles.

Since Robert and Nicole returned from Papua New Guinea, Robert has continued to work on the translation of Joshua for the Iwalaqamalje believers and on the translations of the New Testament for the Gwase and Iqwaye dialects. In the coming months he will continue to work on this and also on the translations of the Psalms and Proverbs.

There has been hardly any rain in the tribe for a long time. The believers have asked for prayer for rain. Most of their food comes from their gardens. It is good to see that they are looking to the Lord for help.

Over the coming months Robert and Nicole plan to visit various places to share about the work in Papua New Guinea. They are grateful for these opportunities and pray that through these meetings even more people will become involved in reaching the world with the Gospel.

Thank you for your prayers.