Translation update

Levi and Robyn are excited to share with you that over the next week their co-worker Dan Hulley will be having a translation check with one of their translation consultants. He is hoping to have five epistles checked. If all goes well, the team will be given permission to print these Scripture portions and make them available. After countless hours of the translation process, Levi and Robyn and Dan and Rachel are always thrilled when they are able to make more Scripture available to the people.
Please pray for Dan, his translation helpers, and the consultant who will be doing the check. Pray that the weather will be good, as it’s hard to hear with rain pounding on a metal roof. Pray that the helper will be faithful to attend and that they’ll be able to comprehend all that will be read. Pray for Dan’s health as he is not feeling well. Also pray that God will raise up more translation helpers.
Persecution of the church can take on many forms. One of the most common forms of persecution that we think of is people being killed for their faith. In the case of the church in North Wahgi, Papua New Guinea, nobody is being killed for their faith in Christ. However, a fellow brother and translation helper has had his coffee picked and stolen during church as the thieves knew he’d be in church and would not happen upon them in the coffee garden. There are also issues with land rights. Please pray for the young church that they would stand strong in the face of this persecution and that the missionaries, as their spiritual parents, would have wisdom in these situations. Pray specifically for Dan and Rachel as they’re the ones in the village at this time.

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