Translation Progress

Over a year ago, David and Shari Ogg began an in-depth proofreading and revision process of all 10,000+ verses that have been translated in Simbari to date. Most of the ‘revisions’ were just small adjustments to the text for it to flow more naturally. They are happy to report that they have completed that step of the preparations for printing. Now they will be spell checking the revised portions. After that they will be completing the cross-referencing notes and editing the hyphen break points for the longest words.

Thanks so much for praying for David and Shari as they work through the final steps to print the Simbari Bible translation. It will not be long and it will be ready for typesetting.

Right after finishing the revisions, they were able to spend some time with their family. They have recently gained two more grandchildren!  They are so happy for these two new little ones added to the family.

It may be six to twelve months before things start opening up again for normal travel back to PNG. In the meantime, David and Shari are continuing to work remotely on the translation from their home base in California.