Translation continues

Paul and Susan Boothby were in Papua New Guinea, from October to January. There were some difficult situations in the village but the Lord protected and brought them through.

Good progress was made on the Bible lessons for 1 Corinthians and in translation. Following exegesis and a rough draft of the book of Revelation, Susan and her helper were able to bring it to ‘first draft’ stage. It was a great opportunity for discipleship and they both learned so much.

Comprehension checks were completed on most of 1 Corinthians and corrections at this stage are now complete and the book will soon be ready for the final consultant checking along with 1 and 2 Thessalonians.

Since their return, Paul has had some medical concerns taken care of and they had been looking to book tickets back to PNG. However due to uncertainty over COVID-19 they have been advised not to travel there for now but to wait and see how things develop.

Paul and Susan would appreciate prayer as they continue to work on translation while in England.

Pray for the believers to grow in the Lord and as a church. Three believers were baptised at Christmas. Pray for them to have a faithful walk with the Lord and be lights in the community.