Translation checks

Alessandro and Chantal are now in Dakar checking the rest of the Konyagi Bible lessons. They will be working on it until to May 6. Please pray for them during this time. Pray that all of the team members will be healthy and have the necessary energy and motivation each day to work on this job that requires lots of concentration. Pray that they will make good progress. There are still 17 lessons to be checked and, on average, it takes 9 hours to check a lesson (not including the time for formatting and making corrections on the computer), so they still have lots of work to do! Pray that the final result will be clear, accurate Bible lessons that will be a great help in bringing God’s Truth to the Konyagi people. Alessandro and Chantal thank God for the monetary gifts that they have received for this project and that Chantal’s parents were able to join them in Dakar, which has been a big help.

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