Translation Check

The task: Months and months of drafting, checking with tribal translation helpers, revising, checking again, recording to listen back for fluency, checking for comprehension and more checking. With much hard work and prayer it was finally time for the official consultant check, wrote Albert Castelijn.

Praise the Lord that after the long hours of concentration working through each of the books of the Bible, changing or tweaking to communicate clearly and sensitively by the Spirit’s guidance; a whole day and a half earlier than anticipated the official translation check was completed! The team sensed a rich joy at the incredible privilege of translating the Scriptures.

After some follow-up work to implement the suggested changes resulting from the check, soon the books of Philippians, Philemon, Jude and 2 and 3 John can be added to the growing Banwaon Bible.

Next, the team will work on Bible lesson preparation for the five completed books and then work on to 1 John and 1 and 2 Corinthians.

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