Translation Check

David and Shari Ogg serve among the Simbari people of Papua New Guinea and have an important final check with a translation consultant scheduled this month. They would appreciate prayer for that to go well. Translation helpers from the tribe and the capital city will join David and Shari at their town location. Then they will all fly together to the other side of the country to meet with the consultant. They will be hearing some of the hardest, most complex books of the Bible for the first time. This is when the consultant will confirm whether or not the translation is clearly communicating in the Simbari language.

It has been a busy time for David and Shari as they have also packed up their house in readiness for returning next month to the USA for a six-month home assignment. They will attend their daughter Rachel’s wedding, see their son Jason settled at the Ethnos360 Bible Institute, spend time with family and friends, get medical work done, and continue working towards publishing the Simbari New Testament. Please pray for them to keep their eyes on Jesus as things get a little crazy for a while.