Two translation consultants recently visited Lív where she serves in West Africa. One of them is being trained and this was her first check. The trainee checked the book of Esther, that the young believer has translated, and the other one checked the Gospel of John and up until the middle of chapter 17 of Luke, that Lív has translated. They did not have time to check it all.

Since the consultants left Lív has been working on the different changes that need to be made and some that were suggested, that she is not so sure of yet. Pray that the Lord gives her wisdom so that the translation is accurate and well understood by the people. When the changes are made, it needs to be made ready for printing along with what was checked in November last year. Lord willing the next consultant check will be by the end of this year, so Lív has a bit of time to get ready for it. The rest of the chapters of Luke will be checked then and also the Gospel of Matthew. Lív hopes to have Matthew ready by this summer. There are still some steps in the translation procedure that need to be done.

Literacy classes are underway again for this year. The team would appreciate your prayers for wisdom for the teachers and success for the students. Pray that upon completion of the course the students will be able to read well and have a desire to read the portions of God’s Word that is available to them.

In the village, they continue with the Bible teaching and are now teaching five evenings a week, Monday through Friday. Pray for team member who teaches and for those that come, that they would have open hearts and understand the message. Pray for strength and stamina for all of the team.

Lív is thankful to the Lord for all His help during this last year.