Richard, Wendy, and family serve in Southeast Asia mainland. On May 16th they celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary.  Their 25th year of marriage is turning out to be one of transitions.  They celebrated their anniversary in the capital city because Wendy’s mum, Gwen and Aunt Betty were leaving the country and moving to Ireland.  They had a good flight over and seem to be transitioning well. They are so grateful to God for the doors He has opened, the paths He has “made straight” and His children that He is using to help Granny and Aunt Betty settle in their new life in Ireland.

About a week after seeing Granny and Aunt Betty off, Richard took Caleb to the USA to get him settled there. Richard will be away for about six weeks with Wendy, Rachel and Karis staying back in the village. Please pray for them during this time apart. It is the first time they have done anything like this. Please pray for Caleb’s summer as he transitions from being a child living at home to a young adult in his passport country. God has provided a job for him in a garden centre and an apartment at a friend’s house, which is within cycling distance. They thank God for His provision and are learning together to depend on God for their every need.

Their daughter Megan and her best friend who is also from Southeast Asia mainland, just finished their first year at Ethnos360 Bible Institute in Wisconsin, USA. They are spending the summer in Pennsylvania near Richard and Wendy’s home church and are working in a local diner for the summer. They are staying with a lady in the church who has graciously opened her home to them. Richard and Caleb have enjoyed spending time with Megan (and her friend) and seeing what God is doing in her life.