Transitions include uncertainty, ambiguity and lots of waiting. Sometimes it is a time where you have to decide to hold on or to let go of something, and this can be very painful. However, Regina Kowert (who is now serving in Germany after spending time in West Africa) is sure that the in-between stage has significance.

A family in Senegal keeps regularly in touch with Regina. She is overwhelmed by how much they are interested in sharing life with her. Please pray that they are also interested in getting to know their Saviour. Regina plans to visit them at the end of the year. Please pray for her as she plans the visit and for her travel. Pray that she would be a channel of His love!

Pray for stamina for Regina and those helping with the Missionary Kid (MK) Camp from the 30th August to the 1st September, that they would be a huge blessing to the teenagers.

Also, pray for the women’s retreat in mid-September that she will be helping with and the re-entry weekend for short termers at the end of September.

At the close of October, she will be helping with the MK programme in Thailand. Pray for the preparations.