David and Christine Baxter, who were chaperones on the ‘Senior Trip’ for this year’s mission school graduating class returned safely from the Mexican beach destination. The trip was a culmination of teamwork and fundraising throughout the year. With all the Covid complications, it was extra challenging, but the Lord provided the funds for their wonderful trip. It was an early morning start the first day!

Thank you so much for all your prayers. Praise the Lord they had a safe and healthy time. David and Christine attest that… “They really are a great group of kids!” But hope the eleven hour drive down (and back) is a once in a lifetime experience!  They are so thankful for safety every step of the way.

Later this month they will be travelling again with the same group of kids for a four-day ‘Transition Seminar’ put on by the mission’s MK (missionaries’ kids) Care Team. David and Christine are excited for the opportunity for the kids to receive some practical insights and spiritual principles to prepare them for life in the United States. Most of them have grown up in Mexico and transitioning to the USA will be moving to a ‘foreign country and culture.’  They appreciate your prayers for that trip…only four hours in the car this time! Please pray for health, safety, good border crossings and a very special time of spiritual growth and preparation for the future. Thank you so much!