Since returning to the field of Southeast Asia Richard has resumed writing and developing the chronological Bible lessons in the Pwo Karen language and script. After being in their new location for five years, Richard and Wendy have still not been able to find any locals willing to help in depth with editing the lessons, and no one who has shown interest in being taught from God’s Word.

Richard has taken a break from the lesson writing to concentrate on spending time out in the community building relationships with people, getting to know more people and taking relationships to a deeper level and creating opportunities to teach and get help with the lessons. Wendy is also making an effort to get out and about for more intentional visiting. Pray that they would be sensitive to God’s leading as they spend more time with people. Pray that they would get to know people whom God is preparing to hear His Word and for opportunities to teach the Gospel.

There is an older Pwo Karen couple who profess to be Christians, but their understanding of God’s Word is limited and confusing. They live a little way out of town and Richard has been trying to get out to their place once a week for a visit. He has started teaching them through the chronological Bible lessons. Please pray for this couple, that they would be teachable and would have a clear understanding of salvation through grace.

Pray for Richard, Wendy and their children as they move into adulthood and transition into life apart from each other.

Wendy’s mum and aunt, who have been on the mission field for fifty and forty years respectively, have bought tickets to move to Ireland in May. Please pray for this move, for strength, health and a good transition to life in Ireland.