After finishing their training at North Cotes College Filip and Ane had a busy but blessed time in Denmark, Norway and the Faroe Islands, where they had good opportunities to connect with churches and individuals, as well as spend time with family and friends. They were able to tell more people about their plans to serve as missionaries in Greenland, and are encouraged by the knowledge that more people are standing behind them in prayer.

On arrival in Greenland Filip, Ane, Cecilia and Kristian went straight from the airport to be registered and to enrol Cecilia and Kristian for school. They are attending their former school and continuing in the same classes, which is a big answer to prayer. This has made the transition back to Greenland so much easier for them.

Filip and Ane’s apartment was rented out for two years, while they were studying at North Cotes College. It was quite a mess when they returned, and took a lot of work to get ready for moving in. They are very thankful for their good friends who had already taken care of the worst part of cleaning before they arrived.

They are gradually adapting to their “new” situation back in Greenland. They enjoy hunting and fishing for food, to get them through the winter. Filip has started his part time job in an engineering company and is attending a Greenlandic course once a week. But the most exciting thing they experience is to see how God gives opportunities for Bible studies.

Every Tuesday the young people from their assembly go to their apartment right after school, to go through the Bible to see the difference between God’s focus and man’s focus. This is a continuation and review of the chronological teaching that they were taught through two years ago. They remember the stories, but Filip and Ane can see a need for teaching them the spiritual lessons learned through the stories. Please pray that they will be firmly grounded in the truth of God’s Word.

There is a great interest and hunger for Bible teaching, both from believers and non-believers. They have had the joy of starting two Bible studies with two couples. One is with a Canadian-Greenlandic couple (in English). The other is with a Greenlandic couple, where the husband is bilingual and translates into Greenlandic for his wife. The latter couple have very little knowledge of the Bible and who God is, but are eager to know. Pray that they will come to understand the Gospel and trust in Christ.

Last Saturday they started a Bible study on Acts with a big group. This is open to all who have been through the foundational Bible teaching (mostly with Anne Marit – NTM missionary). Please pray that this will be glorifying to God and that they will grow together in knowledge and understanding of Him and His Word. Also pray that this fellowship around God’s Word will strengthen and equip the believers to actively take part in the great commission and to function in the body of Christ, by serving each other.

It has been a great comfort to Filip and Ane during the difficult times since their return, to be reminded of Psalm 121 whenever they look at the mountains around where they live.

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