Transition time ahead

André and Aurélie Tousch and family returned to France in March as planned, for their regular home assignment. They praise the Lord for the timing. A few days after their arrival in Paris, countries started to close their borders. They praise the Lord for the accommodation their church and family provided for them during the two month’s lockdown.

André and Aurélie’s co-workers the Williamsons went back to the USA in April for their normal home assignment, leaving the Callahans as the only missionary family in Iski. They have kept the team updated about the Iski church. The church in their village is getting strong and growing in their walk with the Lord. The believers are taking more and more responsibilities in the church. Seth and Rochelle are not fluent in the language, so, the believers have had to do all the teaching by themselves, both there and in the younger church plant. They are now teaching through Acts in both locations.

Another ministry the Iski believers have started is the Sunday school, which is taking place every Thursday.

Since the other team members are not around to produce literature for the church, Seth has started to teach the believers how to type on computers. One of the teachers, who knows Melanesian Pidgin (the trade language that enables people of different tribes to communicate), has started to translate in the Iski language a book about Jesus’ birth. He also learnt to type on the team’s laptop! It is thrilling for the team to see them motivated to start projects by themselves instead of relying on the missionaries. Sadly, Seth and Rochelle will be transitioning out of the Iski work. It will be very hard for the team to see them leave, and it will be hard for the church, because they are close friends with many people there. There will be a couple of month’s transition allowing time for closure and tying up of loose ends in some areas of discipleship that they are currently engaged with, and then they will go back to the USA.

An Iski friend who moved to the village to hear the Gospel teaching trusted Christ in 2017 and became an active member in the newborn church. He is a joyful brother with a gift for worship and music. He has written many songs of praise to the Lord.

It is hard for the team to see the suffering and poverty around them when they are in PNG. Recently, the mission’s dentist travelled to the village with her team, four ladies in total. For five days, they provided care and relief and gave instructions on oral hygiene. Their Iski friends often have terrible teeth and gums, so it was a huge blessing for them to get some dental care.

André and Aurélie are hoping to go back to PNG in November. Due to the pandemic, there is extra paperwork to be processed, and they are still waiting on the airlines to resume their flights.

Thank you for your partnership in the work among the Iski!