Transition time

They are thankful that the Lord provided a good language helper, someone from the locality who they have known since 2008, and is now studying in Dakar.
During the school break they were able to spend a week together in the village, to allow for a time of closure and saying goodbyes, especially for Simona and Leonie. Now they are staying in Dakar to continue to work with Leonie over the weekends, (she has had a few struggles at school recently) helping her to be able to finish her time in Senegal well.
Please continue to pray for the Haerter family during this difficult time of transition, for health and strength and a clear focus on the Lord. They will make trips to the village in May and June (while the children are at school), before travelling to Germany early in July.
Praise the Lord for the Badianes, who have now moved to the village. Pray for them, for protection and a good start into their ministry among the Diola Kerak.

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