Transition time

This week Barrie and Cherri returned to Singapore again. They have allotted two weeks to close accounts, dispose of their things, say their goodbyes and move back to the USA. Pray that they can get everything done in that short time!
Barrie and Cherri are thankful for the gracious acceptance of their situation from their Singapore team, their mission organisation and their home church, all of whom have been so supportive.
In the five weeks Barrie and Cherri have been in San Diego, they have been able to help Cherri’s Mum and Dad make some big decisions. They are working through many medical and healthcare issues. Cherri’s Mum is receiving good care in a skilled nursing care home. Sadly, she is now having more pain in her left shoulder, which is basically bone-on-bone. Pray God will enable them to find a good specialist – soon! Cherri’s Dad spends his days at Mum’s side and has begun getting to know other residents and rehabilitation patients. Mum always tries to be a “light” to her roommate.
Barrie and Cherri are unsure how their consultant role will develop from the other side of the world. They hope to continue to be of some assistance to the missionary teams in Southeast Asia if that is feasible and still needed. Barrie and Cherri’s emergency return and resulting family matters meant that they had to miss some important strategy planning meetings.
Once Barrie and Cherri return from Singapore, they will see what sort of things they can be involved with in their home church and also hopefully take the opportunity to visit their widely spread support team. They need to purchase a good reliable car that will serve them for many years to come. They’re also wondering about finding a house close enough to the nursing home so that Dad can easily visit Mum; a place with a separate space so that Dad could live with them but keep some independence. Would you please join Barrie and Cherri in praying about these things?

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