Their time was busy with catching up with family and friends, after two years away.

Their church found and set up a great place for them to stay in a convenient location, and provided them with transport, all which made their visit possible.

The highlights were the green grass, countless parks, times for cycling and running, and good coffee. They also enjoyed a special visit from Sarah’s parents from the USA in June and July.

Returning to Southeast Asia in early August to the same house, familiar surroundings and friends made the transition easy. The school term is up and running, their oldest daughters Vivienne and Tessa have settled back into primary classes. Owen and Audrey have embarked on their educational journey in Nursery School two days a week. They live near a ring road which is used by large lorries and cement trucks in which many drivers have the attitude of ‘get out of the way, I’m coming through’, or else they’re trying to write a text message. Also some of their neighbours have been hit with mosquito-borne dengue fever and John and Sarah are definitely within the infectious radius. Pray for safety and good health.

Hope International School where John teaches has had the usual influx of new staff, thus the dynamic has changed again! They hale from Alaska, Seattle, Mississippi, Toronto, Brisbane, Chile, and England, so there is plenty of scope for misunderstandings.

Please pray for them to have patience with one another. Two of the new teachers have already had time off sick, so please pray that the new staff adjust to the local food and indigenous microorganisms.

John and Sarah were excited to have a visit from three Hope alumni, all South Koreans and studying in the USA.

It was encouraging for them to see how they have kept their faith and to hear what it is like for an MK to study far from home and their family.

A few new missionary families have moved into John and Sarah’s street and so there are quite a few playmates for their children. They have a never-ending line of kids ready to play!

Hope school employs around forty nationals, many of whom are Christians. Pray that working at Hope will be an experience that builds their faith.

Pray that as a family they will be a light in their neighbourhood and in the lives of the people that they interact with daily. A smile goes a long way to starting a conversation.

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