Adjusting to jungle life has its challenges including isolation and no more fast access to every day necessities. The next days will be busy as Don and Char prepare and supply buy everything they might need for the weeks ahead. Once they fly into the jungle if something is forgotten they will have to wait until the next helicopter flight that brings supplies!

There are exciting days ahead as they continue teaching God’s Word and spend time with Agta believers in discipleship. Talking through outreach, baptism, communion and other great firsts for the Agta church. The team will also begin planning the first literacy classes. This will be very exciting but needs a lot of wisdom in the implementation. They are so thankful that they do not go alone… that together those that pray are a team that the Lord can use to build HIS church.

The Epps are thankful for a GREAT summer, for those that opened up their homes and lives to them, for all the meals and coffee, walks and laughs and for the prayers and encouragement. They return with full hearts, some tears and many great memories.

Pray for Don, Char, Thea, Koi and Zane in this time of transition and for the Dupaninan Agta.

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