Transformations and translations

The land dispute in the village where Daniel and Rachel Hulley live has not been settled as such but thankfully neither has it become any worse. Pray for God’s wisdom and peace in this difficult situation and that it would work out for them to keep meeting on the land.
Rachel and their co-worker’s wife Robyn recently attended a women’s conference in a neighbouring tribe with 17 believing women and teenage girls from their own village. Pray that all those who attended will know the power of God at work in their lives and that they will be empowered to live for Christ among their families at home. Many of the women have unbelieving husbands, and it would be wonderful to see their transformed lives being a powerful witness to their loved ones.
Also pray for the translation work. Daniel is trying to finish up the book of Romans before the end of the year. Their co-worker Levi has just completed Mark and Ephesians, and they are looking to get some of these Scriptures printed and into the hands of the believers. Pray for their translation helpers. They have helped the missionaries for a few years now and some of them are getting pulled away by offers of employment in faraway cities. The missionaries really need these men who are well trained for helping with translation. Pray that they would see this as a spiritual investment for themselves and their people.
Daniel and Rachel’s children are all doing well and have settled down into their home schooling, which is an answer to prayer. Also, they were able to sell their old car for about half of what they bought the newer one for, so that is an answer to prayer too.

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