Life has been very interesting and varied for Jonathan and Rachel Willcock lately. Jonathan has been helping in three Latin American countries for the past five weeks, while Rachel has been holding down the fort at home.

It is not common for them to be apart for this long but they decided that for a number of different reasons this is what God wants them to do for now. Once things have settled and there is not the need for them to be in so many countries in such a short period, God willing Rachel will start accompanying Jonathan again. In the meantime, although they miss each other, they are very happy with how things are going and with what God is doing.

Since being in Latin America Jonathan has been helping missionaries with their language and culture learning. He has been preaching and teaching in Latin churches and missionary training centres, and he has been meeting with leadership teams etc. He is being well taken care of and is enjoying some good food with friends too!

When Jonathan arrives back in England he and Rachel plan to spend a few days helping with the training at North Cotes College. After this Jonathan will fly to back to Latin America to help teach two weeklong seminars (in Spanish) that the mission has asked him to do. Please pray that his travels continue to go smoothly and that he will stay healthy.