While staying with her daughter Karis, Rachel had several opportunities to go down to the New Tribes Mission training centre in Roach, Missouri as it is in walking distance of where Karis is living at the moment.

Jonathan and Rachel attended a short workshop at the NTM training centre in Roach, Missouri right before he went to teach in another Latin American country. It is a pretty campus and is where they studied many years ago. They are looking forward to sharing a couple of times with the students at this training centre before returning to England.

Right now Jonathan and Rachel Willcock are in Mexico and have had the opportunity to share in the NTM Bible school and Mission’s course in Chihuahua. Jonathan will be away this week on a consultant trip helping in two separate tribal locations, while Rachel will be helping a little at the mission school. This week she will be providing tea and scones for some of the younger children (and their teachers) and will be doing a talk on England. She has already been having fun helping with the high school drama class.

In all of their travels they have been well looked after and on one occasion when they were invited out for a meal they met a young man from Panama who is studying in Chihuahua at the missionary training centre. He had heard about them from some of his friends back in Panama and they had a wonderful time of reminiscing about when they served on the field of Panama.

Jonathan and Rachel are very thankful for the prayer and financial support. They have been overwhelmed by God’s goodness to them and are very grateful.

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