Training in Mexico

Jonathan and Rachel Willcock have recently been staying at the missionary training institute in Mexico. Graham and Carol Townley staff at NTM-UK, North Cotes took a Summit (short term missions) team there some years ago and now the facilities that they worked on are being well used for classes, conferences, workshops, sports, etc….

The workshop went very well. During the first three days, Jonathan was training others to do the teaching. Then, for five days those people who attended the training turned round to teach the 60 plus attendees each morning. In the afternoons they had practical sessions in groups. Most of the attendees are trainers who work at the different training centres throughout Latin America. Everything was in Spanish with some translation into Portuguese for the Brazilians. The last three days were spent talking about how to implement the material into the Latin America training Institutes.

Rachel was helping to cook for the workshop alongside many old friends. It was lots of work but lots of fun!

Jonathan was asked to preach at a church in Chihuahua City on the Sunday of the workshop. It is a church that they were involved in helping at in its beginning stages, about thirteen or fourteen years ago. It was lovely for them to be with old friends.