While many are facing new lockdowns in some places and easier travel in others, the Lord continues to work and move Lisa Kappeler around. Her desk stays full and her computer stays busy with opportunities to translate or help others translate His Word into previously unwritten languages. Lisa recently finished drafting the book of Luke in the Uriay language of Papua New Guinea! There are pieces of it already translated and printed (429 verses), but there is another 722 to work on. Now she needs to organise some time with some mother tongue speakers. Pray for the timing and logistics of that to work out.

In her role as a consultant, Lisa is on week two of a six-week journey in Papua New Guinea. She has already checked Romans 1-8 and 507 verses of the book of Acts for a translator. She had a great time interacting with the believers, attending church and a Bible study with them. The translator had done a good job so it all checked out nicely. One night, one of the believers that was part of the Romans checking process shared his thoughts on some of Romans with the church.

Now Lisa is teaching a couple of modules on language analysis and translation during the orientation for new missionaries. It is a smaller group than the last one, so she should get more time with each family.

At the end of the month, Lisa will fly to the islands region of the country to teach a two-week workshop on how languages work and how to analyse them. These missionaries are ready to analyse the languages they are learning, above sentence-level. Pray for wisdom as Lisa tries to convey these principles, to folk still learning the national language as well as the next group that are learning previously unwritten languages! Pray too for the participants – that they can grasp and apply these principles!

Lisa is thankful for your partnership in this ministry through prayer.