Tough times are good

Stephen and Helena Brown serve at the Missionary Training Centre in Colombia. They have been on mandatory preventative isolation since 19 March. They are allowed to go to the town centre to buy groceries once a week. Although it has not been easy, the Lord has sustained them and is using this situation to teach the missionary candidates.

Because of bad internet service, the virtual classes have been challenging. Many mornings Stephen has been involved in trying to make the internet connection work; so classes do not always start on time. Even so, the students have had a good attitude and have been trying to get the most from their classes. Tough times are good because they help to keep the focus on what is really important.

One student’s dad, had a heart attack, and was taken to Bogotá for open-heart surgery; so the student returned home to take care of his siblings. He continues to study via Skype, and his dad has had a miraculous recovery.

Stephen and the students had a good time together studying the book of Ephesians and Genesis. Now he is teaching Romans 13 – 16 for the first time. Pray for the teachers and for Stephen as he oversees the maintenance programme as his co-worker that usually runs with it, is on home assignment.

Pray for the team as they plan how to continue preparing these missionaries. This term ends on 5 June. Pray for wisdom for all the teachers and good internet connections.

They plan to start the next term six weeks later than usual (31 August), so as to be able to return to physical classes, and a better environment for discipleship. Pray that the Lord would give them wisdom, as they have students from five different countries, besides Colombia.

The isolation has been good for Stephen, Helena and family. They have had more time together and have enjoyed making their own version of a board game. The girls all continue to study on line. They are encouraged in the Lord, because He is still at work.

Last month, Stephen’s Mum, Chris, fell off the steps in front of her house and fractured two ribs. It was a miracle that she did not break anything else, as she has osteoporosis. It has been a long month and a half for her, but she is getting stronger every day. Thank you for praying for her.