Toiling and teaching

Andrew has been busy with all sorts of maintenance work, like digging soak-aways, repairing the sewer system, setting up solar water heaters, etc. In the coming months a new project will start building a wall, roughly 1100 meters long around the school property. This is due to a highway being constructed directly next to the school.
Besides the maintenance work, Andrew loves Biblical teaching and so he taught in church about the Lord’s Supper. On Sunday, they hope to celebrate communion for the first time. Apart from that, he buys all the supplies for the school, so he goes to town regularly.
Eliza is still teaching mathematics and Dutch which she really enjoys, although the mathematics class is quite a challenge. In this class, some pupils don’t have a good proficiency in English and so they find the lessons quite difficult.
Eliza goes to the village weekly to visit the children there, to play, to make handicrafts or to tell them a Bible story. This year, there is a whole group of enthusiastic female staff joining her and who are helping with the organisation, which makes it a lot easier. Also every couple of weeks Eliza is the medical emergency backup. She enjoys this task. It’s a great responsibility, but she likes to take care of people and it’s all very interesting.
Judah, Gloria and Josephine are in different groups but they are all in the same classroom with the same teacher. Andrew and Eliza wondered whether this would work, but the children like it and they do their best at school. When the teacher asked the children a couple of weeks ago what their favourite hobbies were, Gloria replied it was ‘going to school’. Josephine also enjoys going to school and is in her first term.
At the beginning of December Andrew and Eliza took twenty of their African colleagues and some friends from the village to Dakar for a big concert by Bernard Cissa, a Senegalese singer who wants to share the Gospel through his music. Some of them told Andrew and Eliza afterwards that Cissa’s testimonies between the songs were very profound and interesting. Pray that the Lord will continue to touch their hearts, now that they have heard the Gospel message so clearly from their fellow-countryman!
Andrew and Eliza praise the Lord that all went well during the WEC conference. Andrew was one of the speakers and facility manager while Eliza was responsible for the pre-school!
Pray for their Senegalese colleagues and friends, that they may get to know Jesus as the only way to the Father!

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