Together again

Last August the Schlegel family were able to be a whole family again for three weeks when Naomi (Ralf and Elli’s eldest daughter) visited them in PNG. They had a wonderful time together, so wonderful, that they enjoyed every minute of it! When it was time to say good-bye they all struggled again, it was just so hard. But God! HE totally intervened so that after only two very teary days Naomi all of a sudden was feeling fine, settled, and excited about her life in Germany. Ever since that day she is doing really well and of course, the rest of the family are too. They are so glad that they have a good God who is faithful to give them what they need when they need it!

In October, Ralf and Elli took a two-week visit to Dinangat. They were able to get a lot done on the translation and met with several of the believers there. It has become evident to them that it is still very necessary that they keep going in and visiting with them. Right now, the Dinangat believers are very busy because they are all very involved in building new schoolhouses. Unfortunately, some of them get easily side tracked and forget about the church and the life as a body of Christ. Please keep praying for them that they would stay focused even when things are busy and that they would still keep growing in their relationship with each other and their Lord.

Ralf and Elli thank each one of you for every single prayer for the Dinangat church. Please keep praying! Their desire is for the church to become more grounded in God’s Word and living it out amongst themselves and even spreading it to the ones who do not understand it yet.