Together again

Paul returned to Burkina Faso in early February and visited NTM missionaries in the west of the country for a few days before travelling on to Senegal to visit almost all of the NTM missionaries there in their various ministry locations. He also had special meetings with two new missionary teams: one team will be working with a large people group in Senegal and the other with a small people group in Burkina Faso.
Marina stayed for a few extra weeks in Northern Ireland to help her mum and dad get settled into their new home. The two-storey place they had been living in before had become impractical.
Paul and Marina met up in Burkina Faso on March 5, and they are now back in Ivory Coast with the Loron people. Marina continues to train more literacy teachers and is also teaching several young people to read and write. Paul is checking through the translation of Matthew’s Gospel that the new Loron translation team has been working on. Paul and Marina plan to visit some of the Loron churches over the next few weeks.
The Loron believers are beginning a new outreach to a small Loron village. Pray for wisdom and sensitivity as they bring the light of the Gospel to another corner of darkness in northern Ivory Coast. There are now over twenty Loron villages with small groups of Christians.

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