To teach them

It seems like such a long time ago that Philip and Vina le Roux first obeyed the Lord’s command to go out into “the world”. They have learnt so much since then! Above all, they have learnt that God has been true to His promise of being with them always. This has been so evident to them over the years and even more so as they are in the second stage of His command – “to teach them”. No day has gone by when He has not walked with them or carried them through. They count it a privilege to see Him work!

The past few weeks have kept Philip and Vina busy! They have taught 85 times. Lessons are usually two hours long, and most of the time are well attended. They have had days that were so hot they burnt under the sun and a day when they taught in the dark because the power was out; they used their mobile phones to see their notes. Also days when they sat around waiting for the sun to set so people would know it was time to attend teaching. It has certainly kept them on their toes!

The Lord has blessed Philip and Vina. Each time they teach, they are aware of how much He is teaching them through the process. It has given them great joy to see people’s excitement at learning things that they have never heard. Philip and Vina’s hearts are encouraged knowing that each time they teach it is another opportunity to share His truth. They are now teaching through a difficult section that challenges some of the traditions the people have followed their whole lives. Philip and Vina’s hope is that people will continue to come to the teaching and not stay away because the truth offends them. Only time will tell!

Please keep Philip and Vina in your prayers! They still have a few months of teaching left before they complete phase one. Please pray that many will come to know Him as their Lord and Saviour!

Valerie-Anne their eldest daughter has completed her first year of college in the USA! They are so very proud of her. She is now visiting them on the island for two weeks. They are so excited to see her again! The Lord has faithfully provided for her every need, sustained her through difficult times and taken care of all the big and small details.

Pray for both Vina and Valerie-Anne who have recently come down with a sickness.

In four months, they will be heading home on furlough. They are excited to see many of their loved ones and to connect with the people who have partnered with them so faithfully over the years.

Philip and Vina are thankful for faithful prayer support.