To know Him better

Stephen and Helena Brown serve at the Bible and missionary training centre in Colombia. Stephen and the students were blessed with 100 hours together studying the end times events! Studying prophecy has made Stephen more aware of how temporal this world is. The Lord gave them a wonderful time in “Defending the faith” class. It usually is a very hard class for the students as it is on the last hour of the week, at mid-day; but the Lord made it one of their favourite classes, which surprised him.

It has been an encouragement to get together with two students every Thursday for discipleship class. One student said, “I came here to the college because I wanted to know God’s Word better; and friends and family thought I was crazy to leave my well-paying job to study the Bible. My parents thought it was a good idea but were concerned about my financial future. Now the Lord has shown me that He wants me to serve Him full-time. I don’t know how my parents, or my church will respond. Pray for me!” Two weeks ago, his parents told him they were behind him 100%! Praise the Lord!  Pray for this student as he presents the idea to his church. Pray that God would provide a support team for him.

The students who enter their fourth term must decide whether the Lord is leading them into cross-cultural church planting or not, because they finish their two years of Bible College in December and decide whether to continue with the missions course (two years). Pray that God would challenge them to give their lives to serve Him.

On August 19-21, Explore the mission, REJUVALI: the yearly weekend retreat to challenge people to give their lives to spread the Gospel to the least reached and show them how they can prepare to do just that, will be held once again. This is one of their best recruitment tools. Pray that the Lord would bring many people, and that they would be willing to listen to God.

URGENT PRAYER:  More teachers are needed for the new term, which has just started. Two of the teachers are getting married and going to Southeast Asia to plant churches, and they were already stretched.

Recently, the sad news that Jairo and Cata Malo and their baby were killed when a lorry struck the bus they were travelling in shocked everyone. The couple had finished their missionary training in 2015 and were evangelising the Wiwa people and translating the Bible. It is hard to understand, but we know that God knows best. Please pray for their daughter, Shwira Malo, who was in school at the time.

Thank you for praying