To know Christ

Filip and Ane Sivertsen with Cecilia and Kristian had a busy time over the summer. They were at a youth camp, and taught that Jesus is the Bread of Life, the Door, the Light of the World, the Way, the Truth, the Life and the Good Shepherd. They also ministered at a family camp, where they used the same subject. Filip and Ane developed some good connections with people, who they hope will soon receive teaching that will lead them to know Christ.

As a family, they also managed to make a short visit to Denmark and Norway. In Norway they enjoyed meeting their friends and participating in an Ethnos360 conference together with Ane’s parents and her younger brother and his family. The teaching was very good and uplifting. In the mornings the Biblical principles of mission, seen in Acts 13 – 14. After that, a short overview of the chronological teaching of the Bible, which really brought out how important and effective this tool is for explaining the message of the Bible to people.

Back in Nuuk they have started Bible study groups now that people have returned from holidays, fishing and hunting for the winter supplies. They have Bible studies every day of the week, sometimes twice a day, because so many people want to study God’s Word. They have not managed to reach all the people they had hoped to with Bible studies. Pray that it will work out according to God’s plan, that they use their time wisely and meet people’s need for Bible study.

The Greenlandic ladies, that Ane teaches, have just finished the chronological teaching, from creation to Christ. They plan to start it over again, since four of the ladies joined the group after the teaching had begun and need to be taught from the beginning. They need a firm foundation before continuing to build on it. They started last Tuesday and saw what God tells about Himself in the first chapter of the Bible: God is eternal, the creator, all knowing, doesn’t need anyone or anything to exist, He is Spirit, three in one, He does what He says, omni present, holy, perfect, a God of order, not boring, never changes, communicates, loving and never sleeps. The most important thing for any person is to know Him!

On Wednesdays, two ladies from the assembly have started to go through the chronological teaching with Ane. The young people from the assembly are going through the New Testament.

Since the birth of Luckas, their co-workers Oli and Anne Sophie need to manage their time differently, and are not able to have as many Bible studies as previously. Therefore, in fellowship with them, they are trying something new. On two evenings each week, Oli and Anne Sophie make some additional food for them. This is a great blessing and gives Filip and Ane additional time in the busy schedule. It is great that they can find new ways to work together as a team, with a common goal.

The weather has been extraordinary mild and pleasant this autumn, and they enjoy it while it lasts. It cannot be long before snow and cold weather reaches them. They take comfort in the knowledge that God is in control.

They are thankful for all the prayer and support they receive for the work in Greenland. God is still working with people, and there is still hope for eternal life. ‘Let us work while it is still day.’