Timely provision

The Laureti family flew out of the bush in the middle of March; after days and days of rain, there was enough sun so that they could get out of the jungle…into “civilization”.
Lourens, Marie and the children were able to stay in the house of Becky their co-worker, rent free, a real blessing. Whilst they waited for their annual conference to start, they had lots of time to visit with good friends living on the support base and catch up with them. God knew Marie needed “friends” and that is what He gave her… serious heart to heart chats, the best homemade cinnamon rolls ever, laughing until her mouth went into spasm, and just learning from their godly lifestyle.
The conference theme was “Discipleship” which Marie thought was very appropriate as this is something the Lord has continually brought into Lourens and Marie’s path over the last few months in the bush, discipling the Mengen believers, making disciples of their kids, looking out for their fellow missionary friends on the Island etc. They appreciated Brooks’ wisdom in all of this. Brooks is a fellow missionary on the main Island; being a missionary himself for many years, he knew what he was talking about i.e., how to be a disciple and then to make one. They are thankful for the encouragement from God’s Word.
After conference was home school testing time; the time where all MK’s get tested to see if they are on track with home-schooling. It went very well, and Lourens and Marie are thankful to God that home schooling pays off. Needless to say, on base their kids have friends galore…what a blessing! And while at the base they received some packages full of surprises and lots of treats!
Before their home assignment Lourens started training as a “Church Planting Consultant”. Since they are on the base and have easier access to other tribal locations, Lourens is using his time to fly out to other tribes and get some more training. He is thankful for opportunity to be an encouragement to other missionaries in PNG.

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