Time zones

Karin is now a little further to the east, two time zones more. The rainy and dry seasons in this area are not so significant; as it is closer to the equator. However, there are more mosquitoes and illnesses.
Karin found that one week for saying good bye to the people she got to know over the last year is definitely too short. Many relationships started with no ability to communicate and ended as good friends who found it hard to say good bye. Forty-four women and children from the community came in their best clothes to the farewell-meal in her house. Sixty people from Karin’s church drove all the way from the mountain in two buses for an evening of Bible study, prayer and of course, like every event in the Asia-Pacific culture – a meal.
There was no Sunday service or weekly meeting, when the brothers and sisters from Karin’s church didn’t pray for her, even though in the beginning she didn’t understand much more than her name.
Of course Karin will miss her friends and her language helpers but thanks God for a blessed time in and for the many relationships.
Pray for Karin as she faces the changes and challenges of a new culture; that she can quickly set up a new “home” so that she can soon continue with the culture and language study.
Pray for the new relationships, new neighbours, new church, new co-workers, new language helpers and that the Lord will prepare Karin and other co-workers for a team.

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