Time is ticking

The clock is ticking on Steve Stanley’s 90-day visa for the Netherlands and it is starting to look more likely that they will have to return to the UK in the middle of Feb rather than fly on to PNG. They were hoping to avoid an extra international move, but with all the uncertainty the pandemic has brought to travel, they have learned to hold plans extra loosely.

Without visa applications, buying airline tickets, and packing to distract them Steve, Gerdine, Oscar, Alice and Millie have been enjoying special family time, lots of visits and some Christmas joy instead.

The last year went by for them in a blur. The flat they rented and packing it up is a fading memory when Steve can so clearly remember all the stress trying to phone a UK estate agent from PNG (with all the time difference) and sign a tenancy agreement over broken internet. It is strange that those memories are so vivid when the last year has been a complete blur of… twins.

They are now out of the newborn stage! However, they are still wondering how they are going to cope when they get back to Kovol, but they feel that they have got a reasonable chance of coping with their smiley, happy babies whereas even just a few months ago it felt crazy. Moving house, packing all their UK things and saying goodbye to friends and family in the UK has certainly put them in the mood to get back. With half of their goodbyes said already, they are really looking forward to getting back to life in Kovol although still not particularly looking forward to the journey to get there but the twins are healthy and nine months old. If they get stranded somewhere, it will be difficult, but they won’t have the clock ticking like last time as they raced to get home before Gerdine could no longer fly due to pregnancy.

Please pray for Gerdine’s entry permit to progress!