Time is flying

Ben and Tabea and family are contemplating which region they should move to within Asia-Pacific

They are currently where all new NTM missionaries arrive, to get started in language and culture study. The leadership arranges houses for missionaries to rent, language helpers as well as house-helpers so that they can focus on language learning, make progress and become independent as quickly as possible, usually within about one year.

During this time missionaries normally visit a few of the regions they are interested in, so they can make an informed decision as to which region they think God would have them serve.

As there are quite a few families planning to join the field, the leadership would like Ben and Tabea to move to the next region before the group arrives, which gives them a little less than half a year to make a decision.

They had planned to visit another area at the beginning of April, but Covid-19 caused that to be cancelled. It would have been a good opportunity for them to get to know more about that region and some of the needs there… Time is flying and they do not feel like they know very much at all about the different regions and it is currently not possible to visit. Please pray that they will be able to get more information about ministry opportunities and needs in the other regions and that a trip will still be possible before they have to decide which one.

As a family, they will soon need to renew their visas. They are waiting for one of the children’s passports to arrive from the UK. They do not have much time for the passport to arrive before the borders open and they need to go out of the country as a family to renew their visas.

Praise Points:

  • That the passport has been processed.
  • That they have been able to carry on with language study despite the pandemic.
  • That God has proven His love to them, so that they can be joyful regardless of the circumstances.

Prayer Points:

  • That the passport can arrive in time for them to leave the country as a family.
  • Continued progress in language ability.
  • That God would show them in which region He would have them serve.