Time is flying

The time that Becky Noble committed to teaching in Papua New Guinea will be over in just over two months, at the end of May 2022. Time is flying! Although there was some interruption in the middle of her four years due to the pandemic, she is now three quarters of the way through her fourth school year. She initially committed to two years! She really appreciates all the prayer support over these years. Her time there has not been easy, but she has known the Lord’s goodness in so many ways. She is keen to go back to Lapilo again in the future.

Becky has valued prayer over the last few months about what her next steps should be. She is considering pursuing the training offered by NTM at North Cotes College for one or two years. The aim of the training would be to better equip her to serve the Lord cross-culturally at Lapilo, or elsewhere on the mission field. The first year of training consists of Biblical Studies and the second year is Cross Cultural Communications. While she could return to PNG after the first year, there is value in both years of the training as this would enable her to move from being an Associate member to a full member of New Tribes Mission. She will keep taking one step at a time and will see how the Lord continues to lead.

Becky would value your prayers through this time of transition. Please pray that she would finish well. She is already dreading the many “goodbyes” and the travel. PNG has been her home for nearly four years now. She is looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends in the UK, but leaving is still going to be incredibly tough. Becoming a student again will also be a challenge.