Time is flying

Becky Noble is supporting church planting in Papua New Guinea through teaching music and Tok Pisin (the local language) at Numonohi Christian Academy. After a rough patch, the mission centre team are thankful to have seen a drop in the number of COVID cases in their area. Their area is still in the “high risk” category, so they continue to be under various restrictions, but things seem to be moving in the right direction. One of the PNG workers from the centre, who had been in hospital with COVID for about seven weeks, has just been able to return home. Other national workers seem to have recovered well. School has now run for four weeks without any cases on centre. The choirs have re-started too. Your prayers through this difficult time have been much appreciated.

This term the elementary music classes are learning to sing Isaiah 9:6 and John 3:16. Becky’s Tok Pisin classes are also learning Isaiah 9:6. Please continue to pray for Becky as she tries to help students understand the truths about which they are singing.

Becky is feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to put together a Christmas Concert (of sorts) in the space of three weeks! Sadly, they will be unable to have an audience this year. They hope to video the concert and make that available for parents to watch at home. Please pray this would be a helpful and enjoyable learning experience for all involved and pray for good health over the next few weeks. This will be the first time Becky is the only one responsible for all the elementary classes involved, as well as the High School Choir. It is a lot to remember and organise.

Please also remember Becky’s family as it will be the first Christmas without a couple of close members. Also, Becky’s Mum has been quite unwell this past month.

Please pray for peace in the local community. Conflict has arisen due to accusations of sorcery, which can be common in some areas. The community is hurting. Pray for the believers to be a good witness and for wisdom for the centre’s leadership as well as for all who have contact with those affected.

Time is flying… There are only six months left of the four years that Becky committed to serving at the school. Pray for the Lord’s guidance and peace with regard to the future, as the next few months will continue to fly by.