Time flies

While being at the mission school as an associate Ruben has had the opportunity to try some jobs that he would never have imagined himself doing. Last week was one of those moments. The missionaries were trying to find out what was wrong with the internet so Ruben climbed the communication tower to check it out.
The missionaries have been using the new tractor to dig a draining field for a septic tank. Without the tractor this would have taken a lot of man hours digging by hand. They are really thankful for the tractor’s safe arrival.
At the weekend Ruben had a great time as a local school came to play volleyball and football (soccer) with the mission school.
One thing Ruben thought he had become used to in Brazil, were the insects. That was until recently when some of the kids found a huge grasshopper thing!
Pray that the teachers will be able to complete all the topics before the academic year finishes in two weeks time.
Also pray for Ruben as he says goodbye and for safety in travel.

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