Time flies!

Becky Noble recently wrote her last North Cotes newsletter! She still has a few months left of her training but will be taking part in ‘Mission Simulation’ without internet access for most of the time.

The ‘Mission Simulation’ module is the main focus of this part of the course that Becky is completing. She will be with those who are on her course and their children. They will experience basic living conditions and isolation from the rest of the campus. Also, during this time, they will begin to learn a new language and culture in teams from language helpers who will visit each day.

Becky is not looking forward to creepy crawlies in her bed and the mosquitoes! She would also value prayer for her health in general, as that is likely to be affected by the change of diet and a potential lack of sleep. Living without a flushing toilet, running water and electricity (apart from charging laptops for language work) also brings its challenges. Practically, it is difficult for her to work out what she should take with her and how much of everything. Prayers for help in this planning stage are much appreciated.

Please also pray that five weeks living and working together with the same people will strengthen friendships, and that they would be patient and understanding etc.

It’s hard to make plans beyond the end of the course while wrapped up in the busyness of the training. Pray for Becky as she considers what the best option is for taking a break to rest and recover a bit and she would also like to do a beach mission this year. She is looking forward to opportunities to be more involved in her home church and to catching up with family and friends.

There are some factors that still need consideration, but Becky is actively taking steps to return to Papua New Guinea. The Lord first led her to PNG in 2018 and Becky really enjoyed the ministry opportunities she had during her four years. The burden and love that she has for the people there has not left her during these past two years of training at North Cotes, on the contrary, it has grown.

Nothing is set in stone; however, January 2025 is a possible time frame for Becky to return to PNG. The paperwork may take time and can be quite unpredictable.