Three weeks to go!

The Numonohi Christian Academy school year ended at the beginning of June and Becky Noble, who teaches at the school, is already over half way through the “summer” break.

During the first couple of weeks, she was not in the best of health but things seem to have improved now. She has enjoyed many blessings. She was even able to get out of the Highlands for the first time in her three years in Papua New Guinea to visit the coast for a few days. She has also been able to visit previous co-workers in their new ministry location.

Becky has continued some piano teaching and preparing weekly Bible Studies for her PNG friend in Tok Pisin. She has also been working on translating some literacy comprehension checks with the help of a local lady, who is now allowed back on the centre due to Covid restrictions easing. Becky has enjoyed renewing their friendship. There are lots of opportunities to help the many missionary arrivals who are in quarantine too.

Now it is full-steam ahead preparing for the next school year, which should start again in three weeks’ time. Becky will only have two classes where she can mostly re-use material she has taught before, so she has a lot of planning to do for several other classes.