Three stages

“There are three stages in the work of God: impossible, difficult and done.” Hudson Taylor

For Eugen, Abbie and Oliver Jablotschkin, gaining a visa seemed “impossible”. When they applied for Eugen’s work permit visa a year ago, they never thought they would have to wait so long for approval. At times, it seemed like an impossibility, but now it is done! Now Eugen has a visa that will allow him to live and work in England until December, 2025 with the possibility of gaining settled status in the future. What a relief!

However, another hurdle stands in their path as their re-orientation year is over and only one year was agreed with their sending church. Hopefully, the solution lies somehow in dialogue. They plan to visit Germany in August.

Eugen and Abbie have been on this route for almost ten years now. “Man thinks but God directs” it is easy to say, but it is quite another thing to live in this field of tension. It would be nice for them to have a little more continuity and be able to plan for the long term, or to finally be able to unpack all their boxes before Oliver starts crawling!

As you remember Eugen, Abbie and Oliver in prayer, please pray for good conversations at the college, with Ethnos and their church.