Three precious women

The women were beaming with joy and told Natalie later “We can only say thank you to God, that we see and understand now and thanks to you guys for coming here and teaching us.”
One lady kept mentioning how much she really wants more of God’s Word and was relieved that they will keep hearing God’s Word as Kim is going to keep teaching these ladies. (Natalie is planning to move into a tribe in the near future). This is a big answer to prayer, please keep praying for these ladies to grow and be grounded more in HIM.
Natalie says “This really taught me again – how much this was really just God’s work! I am not trying to speak humbly but honestly – I gave my best but one of the ladies didn’t seem to get it. Now I have seen with my own eyes how GOD ALONE can change people and give them understanding! This was amazing and so much better than I thought it would be – no pressure from me with all my weaknesses – it was God’s work alone. So just to encourage you – IT is God’s work and we can be a part and watch Him working as well! Thanks so much for your part in prayer! “

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