Koen and Anne-Laure Verdonck have been considering Jesus’ expression “I am thirsty”.

At this time, we are all thirsty for freedom, health, and family, to have things back to normal, to be able to go back to work, not being constantly concerned, no more loneliness and maybe even for more of God.

Koen writes, “Jesus understood. He did not thirst so much for the water but for His Father. He understands our big longing for what we know to be normal and for whom we love. He knows your worries and the suffering you are now dealing with.”

Koen and Anne-Laure are thirsty for more of His Word and for more understanding of His love for them and for the people in Papua New Guinea who thirst as well. Many do not even know Him yet.

Would you please stand with them on the ‘city walls’ and pray with them? The place of rest at His feet is the best place to be at this moment. Pray that the Covid-19 virus would be halted.

Koen and Anne-Laure are able to follow the news from their home country of Belgium and other places. They pray for friends and family all over the world.

The white flag shows their respect for the caregivers in the world who work hard to help the corona virus patients. Belgium people had white flags all over the country to show their respect and thankfulness.

Koen and Anne-Laure cannot leave PNG now even if they wanted to, but they are ok.

The School at the mission centre is closed. All the non-essential ministries are also currently postponed.

The Gospel work is now a little reduced because of all that has happened these last weeks and they are following government directives. Teaching was meant to be starting in three areas. Because groups above 100 people are not able to gather at this time, the teaching has been postponed. However, the people are still excited to hear the teaching in the future.

In one area, the teaching has started with people meeting in smaller family groups. The missionaries are teaching the same lesson several times each week. The good thing is that in smaller groups they have a better idea on who understands what. The people find it easier to respond and questions are easier to answer. The people are very enthusiastic and attend faithfully.