Another group of slightly younger women in the same village also meet regularly. They too desire to be taught. However, in recent weeks things have come up so that God’s Word has not been listened to, neither has there been time for the ladies’ questions to be discussed and answered. A fight in the rice paddies, a lost key, visitors arriving to discuss projects etc., have all taken over the meeting time. So please pray for uninterrupted meeting time.

Stephen and Moira have also heard of a third group in the same village. Apparently, a group of young men have now finished listening to all forty of the Bible lessons and would like to meet in order to have their questions answered. Stephen will do this, so please pray for wisdom and insight as he answers them.

Recently there have been two spontaneous requests for literacy from different villages. Please pray this need can also be met.

People are listening to the Bible teaching around radios, others through their earphones and others come begging Steve and Moira for it. They are very touched by this response and said, “This is all God’s doing, so please thank Him wholeheartedly.” Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom and strength to be able to encourage and help all these people.

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