Their prayer

Ragnar Niclasen has just returned to Canada after a one-month trip to the Kankanaey in the Philippines.

Initially working with his language helpers to put the final touches on the Acts lessons, Ragnar was EXTREMELY encouraged with how well it went. He had sent the materials over ahead of time and the three language helpers had worked through it and had some comments. They went through all 15 lessons carefully, and it was a joy for Ragnar to see their understanding. They are understanding the importance of tying phase 2 and 3 together and of the flow of the story as the Gospel spread from the Jews to more Jews, then Samaritans and then to Gentiles.

They have already been visiting other Kankanaey churches teaching the book of Acts. The good news is that they are getting excellent feedback from the believers in these churches, such as “this is so clear” and “this is much easier to understand than any other teaching on Acts I have heard.” This is so good and encouraging for them to hear and really inspires them to keep going in their teaching. It also encourages Ragnar to keep going with materials. They currently have phase 1, 2 and 3 completed. They are now starting on phase 4, and that is exciting.

Ragnar went to the Philippines by himself, because Elizabeth has not been well enough to travel. She had a gall bladder surgery back in July 2021. Since the surgery, she has not been feeling good. Ragnar has returned to Canada earlier than expected to care for her. Her health is not good, but they are still hoping for improvement so they can both return and continue with the work among the Kankanaey. That is their prayer.