The right spot

Andrew and Eliza Keyser with Judah, Gloria, and Josephine praise the Lord for smooth travels as they returned to West Africa. Sadly, they found their house in a different state to that which they had left. Please pray for wisdom to deal with this Biblically and contextually! Since they have many problems with the house structure (electrical shocks and ceilings falling down in different places due to termites and water damage), they are looking to find a new place to live. They would prefer a house closer to the area where they are seeking to minister. Pray that the Lord will lead them to the right spot!

The kids have started their (home) schooling again. This time through distance learning (from home) and three mornings at school. They enjoy seeing their friends and teachers that they have missed a great deal while being in the Netherlands. Since a lot of schooling needs to be done at home, it takes up most of Eliza’s time. Please pray for strength, patience and wisdom in this matter!

Josephine has recovered well from her major brain surgery. She is as-good-as back to normal for which they keep on praising the Lord! Gloria and Judah are doing well too. They all just picked up life and school again even though it is such a different world.

As a family, they have enjoyed seeing friends in the village and their brothers and sisters in the church.

Recently Andrew had the opportunity to meet with some of their local co-workers. It was great for him to meet them again and to encourage one another.

Pray above all that their lives may glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in all their words and deeds.